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you can put your double next to my queen

Tomorrow I sign a lease to live for a year in wicker park with my new friend Brynn. We are excited. Mostly, here's the apt: Open floor plan, two bedroom 1 bath (i have a really ass-small room with big closet, she has a huge room with small closet), jacuzzi tub in a huge bathroom, in unit washer dryer, gas fireplace, ginormous ceilings complete w/ chandeliers on the second floor of a two floor walkup. Oh yes, there's also a huge back porch. Oh yeah, accessible from only our porch (and kinda the one below) is a rooftop deck. Hammock sized. Oh yeah, and a garage space I negotiated in.  Did i say lots of attractive exposed brick. I first wrote that it was "pretty exposed brick" and you couldn't really tell how I meant to use the word "pretty". Well, streetrats, exposed brick is always pretty in nice apartments, so I meant it the way that means beautiful. 

And it's six blocks from our favorite part of the neighboorhood. And that six blocks is a walk through huge mansions and ultra expensive residentialness. Can you say a half mile from quimbys? I can. Then I can walk it. WHO-WA

Its new years at the new place because we move in the day after christmas. I want a bed for jesus day. Also our birthdays are sequential, so wed and thursday of late june, lookout. Free offstreet parking. and lots of it.

I should go look at things I can buy from target. If you have any other budgetable home-goods stores you look at until the time reads 5:14, please let me know so i can stall at work appropriately.

thank you.


Future Resident of 
1319 N. Oakley Blvd Apt 2
Chicago, IL 60622


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