kudes884 (kudes884) wrote,

Ever taken a "shame shower"?

Today I went on an interview for one of those "business to business / Door to Door" marketing groups. And I have to admit, audience, I knew what I was doing. I was woken up by one establishment cancelling my interview for tuesday (a marketing job I only half wanted, but it was legit), then I fell back asleep, only to be awoken by Green Light Marketing's phone call asking if I could come in today.

Checking on my resume profile, I remembered that Green Light was a company I applied to only because A) I could copy paste the resume from another position and B) It filled my "apply for 4 jobs a day" quota.

Since it was 11am, I needed a reason to leave the house and agreed to the interview.

In an office that ABSOFRACKINLUTELY doubled as a porn set, "Bald-headed-Sheaune" asked me lots of akward questions about my mother, then went into the most FAbulous tangent about how the West Wing and 24 represent disparate audiences. So does his company.

Fighting the urge to call Carole Kudla on the spot, I watched him keep his eyebrows in "that's very astute/im constipated" formation for 30 minutes, the whole while trying to get him to say "we're door to door sales". Here's how it went.

Sheaune (S): Any questions?
Me (M): What's your sales technique?
S: face to face. We deal with Business Customers.
M: So, you mean like, people?
S: Business related people, mostly business owners.
M: And do you do cold calls, or mostly "managed relationship" type contact lists
S: Well, ha ha, its cold in serbia
M. . . .(was I supposed to  laugh?)
S: What do you mean?
M: do you just walk into businesses for the first time and talk with them?
S:...Well, there is walking into business related work
M: As in, in and out there door?
S: Sometimes, you have to walk in and out of doors, yes. Can you start on Monday?
M: I think my career lies with other options.
S: What?
M: I appreciate the interview, but it really doesn't sound like my kind of work. Im not much for transient walking.
S: Sorry to waste your time
M: It was a slow day.

Then I went home and cleaned the condo. Now I'm going to re-read the HP series and go to bed. I have an interview tomorrow morning (wtf? a saturday? what?) and should be relatively alert.

night ya'll.
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