kudes884 (kudes884) wrote,

Im back

So in the past two weeks, I moved out of Normal, into chicago with my brother, ran around submitting applications. Day two of chicago I flew to AZ for a week, drove 3 hours and back to Yuma for more family, flew to chicago, then started interviewing the next day. slept in 4 beds/places. Dont wanna mantion them all. trust. Went well, had the follow up right away, in between the interviewers and HR meetings (about the interviews) so that was kind of wierd. Final one on Monday with Manager. The position was too small for manager interview, so i think somethin shady is goin on, like im gettin interviewed for a different position.

Its in hotel, but whatver. I need a job to cover the next few months work to get a salary job. I've said this was more or less the plan, just kinda surprised that A) im following through and B) its moving so quickly. I walk everywhere (which is kinda cool, cause, you know, turn a corner and theres the sears tower), but my feet are in lots of pain every night.

Also I've gotten to explore the city a whole bunch. I heart wicker park. Also there was a pimpmobile showcase on the way to the fried fish place. So I was kinda diggin the day.

Tomorrow i get to go to 4 suburbs to move a binch of my fmailies shit around.

Not a good entry, I know. Im just very tired. See you all later.
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