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So a few minutes ago I thought I had been spelling Wednesday wrong my whole life, and that for some thefacebookdotcom was the one to break the news.

I hadn't been spelling it wrong at all, but this was a serious issue for a few minutes until I googled days of the week. Easier said that done, I ended up learning more about the Norse god Woden that I had planned. And i never call wednesday "the peak of the week".

Here is a list of things that are happening.

1-I got very sick last night
2-Im supposed move to chicago in 3 hours
3-packing is not going very well. Although Ive been confined to a small bedroom for the last 4 months, ive displaced many a small item like books and a cat.
4-on the aforementioned day of the week, the day after i move, im supposed to fly to phoenix for a week of family then fly back
5- i quit my job, so...i dont have one...not what i enjoy....
6- i will owe a lot of money before i will be owed a lot.
7- i am making poor choices
8-i spent more money in one day leaving this town than I ever have living here. Including rent days.
9- number 8 is leaving a bad taste in my mouth. So is the food i vomited up last night.
10- i didn't break my computer through porn...so I guess thats a good thing.

all in all...Its a pretty terrible day.
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Kudla hurry up and get here!!!!
I'm glad your coming, and excited about having dinners!!

Are you here now(?)... looking at me through the window(?)... creepy(!!!)...
im here now. Gimme a call and maybe well meet up this evening- I fly to phoenix for a week tomorrow.