kudes884 (kudes884) wrote,

trapped in normal

Hey, Dan, I don't like chelsea Handler's new version of the show.
But congratulations on the Emmy.


for the past 5 years, time in bloomington goes by pretty quickly. But did you ever notice when you REALLY need the time to go quicker, it just kind of sputters. So since I put my two weeks in, its been. um. not so fast.

Lets extend a metaphor-

I feel like I just got married, so i should be happy and excited and ready for change, but then we get in the car to drive to the honeymoon, and those cans on a string people put on the back of your car gets hooked onto the dog I grew up with, but we didn't notice, so we dragged the puppy across the gravel until its face and body were shaved off. Now its just this long red bloody trail called "tranquil memories" smeared along the onramp. and THAT moment when we see the blood in the rearview mirror? This two weeks has been feeling like that moment is just locked in.

alright, I've got to get back to bed so i can library for jobs tomorrow morning.
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