kudes884 (kudes884) wrote,


I either have a pinched nerve or a kidney stone.
the funny thing is, after all my paranoid online research, I never thought to let you all know.

So i want it to be a pinched nerve, cause, you know, thats not organ pain. organ pain terrifies me deeply, anywho, every hour or so i get this flashingly violent bout of hurt in one central place left side mid back. for about 1-4 seconds, and then its gone.   i feel like i have a stone but it hasnt actually gone in the tube to travel yet (the painful part). and if this is the case, i hate life.

also, id have to go to the hospital, and i dont like hospitals.

Please, for the sake of my mind, tell me about your pinched nerve/kidney stone experiences. List other symptoms. You can leave out blinding pain that brings you to your knees. Its sort of a given at this point. except if it hit in a funny moment, like standing at the altar as a bridesmaid or climbing the rope in gym.

and finally, ive seen all office season 1,2 and starting on 3. 


my co workers are calling them kudlastones. not.funny.
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